Life is an adventure, and thrill-seekers more than others, make the most of it! Forest Hills at Tala is unique as a luxury retreat because it is an extension of who you are. Those with an adventurous streak will find it the perfect space for some high-octane excitement. Activities such as valley crossing, archery, rifle shooting and commando rappelling, among others, are designed to maximise thrill in the safest of havens. Sometimes, an adventure is all about the exhilaration, while sometimes its about the journey to the excitement. Rekindle your passion for adrenaline in these activities that allows for 10 people at a time to partake in them. We recommend that you book in advance, to optimise your time and experience.

adventures at resorts in forest near maharashtra
forest hill resort

Wellness is holistic fitness of mind, body and soul. Sitting in the lap of nature at Forest Hills at Tala, you are transported to a superlative state of blissful living. Making this experience more all-encompassing, is The Spa. Trained masseuses offer relaxation in two therapy rooms with treatments ranging from Balinese, Deep Tissue, and Sandal treatments to Signature ones. Located strategically between the Tree Hopper rooms and the Glass House, The Spa is your retreat within a retreat. It is the epitome of “me-time”.



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